Racial Justice BK is a space where neighbors come together to both discuss, and work on, issues of systemic and institutional racism. those issues continue to exist in our borough, our city, and beyond. we started as a working group of Get Organized BK, and we focus on the entire borough of brooklyn.


institutional racism has been a blight on american culture since the country’s inception, and the last few years have caused many of us to realize just how far we need to go to meet our most basic aspirations of equality and justice. from police violence and mass incarceration to the overt instances of white supremacy on display on a daily basis, the work of dismantling racism seems more critical than ever. we are a multiracial, interfaith group that embraces the intersectionality of these issues.



About Us

actions and community

we focus on issues critical to Brooklynites. we are dedicated to educating ourselves and our peers about contemporary issues of institutional racism and racial justice. we design our own events, actions, and demonstrations related to racial justice. we believe that resistance comes in many forms. 

living room group

this group creates a space for reflection, analysis, and personal storytelling. participants recognize that racism manifests as an institutional phenomenon, but we also understand that race and racism affect each of us in deeply personal ways. members come together to share those personal experiences, and to hear how racism has had an impact on the lives of others. 

get organized bk

GOBK are brooklyn residents working together to defend democracy and human dignity, shine a light on corruption, resist hate and injustice, love our neighbors, and protect them from harm posed by the trump administration.

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