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About Us

Racial Justic BK focuses on issues of systemic and institutional racism in our borough, our city, and beyond. while institutional racism has been a blight on american culture since the country’s inception, the last few years have brought into stark relief just how far our institutions are from expressing our most basic aspirations of equality and justice. from police violence to mass incarceration to the overt instances of white supremacy on display on a daily basis, the work of dismantling racism seems more critical than ever.


Racial Justice BK came together with no agenda. we were a diverse group of neighbors with both a shared outrage at the direction of our country, and a shared interest in racial justice issues. we began a powerful dialogue exploring our own racial biases and our own experiences with racism in America. these conversations about race were so powerful that we felt the need to meet more often and created an explicit space - "the living room group" - where those discussions can happen.

we are a multiracial, interfaith group committed to pursuing anti-racist activism. our work concentrates on issues critical to brooklyn, and the greater new york city community. our activities include, but are not limited to:

- designing our own events, actions, and demonstrations related to racial justice

- educating ourselves and our peers about contemporary issues of institutional racism and racial justice, through holding facilitated conversations about race

- whenever possible, promoting other local organizations committed to dismantling racism, providing volunteer and organizational support to anti-racism actions in

- brooklyn and beyond; and participating in local and national campaigns related to anti-racist activities Racial Justice BK meets at least twice per month.


all of our meetings adhere to a set of ground rules, which are intended to foster dialogue across lines of difference, while minimizing judgment and conflict. each of our meetings includes time for personal and group reflection.


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